James’s Blog: No Blog Post This Week.

James’s Blog:  No Blog Post This Week.

There’s no blog post this week.

Sometimes life is like that – a combination of business and distractions that make it hard to find inspiration.  Sometimes, when it is most appropriate to reflect is also the hardest time to reflect.  Christmas, the celebration of Christ, is so full of things other than Christ that we find we’ve hardly noticed the manger in the corner.  And as we approach a new year – a perfect time to ask ourselves some searching and difficult questions – we find that our days of full of other types of questions:  “What’s on TV today?” or “Are the shops open yet?”

That’s where I’ve find myself.  But I’ve also given myself permission to not write a blog this week, because it’s actually OK.  The world keeps spinning, and God keeps working, and – as I suggested last week – sometime the things that you think are holy are actually a distraction from the real work of holiness.  There’s a time to kneel in front of the altar, and there’s a time to lose yourself in laughter with your family.  Both belong to God.  It reminds me of something that Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote in Letters and Papers from Prison:  “The man who is thinking of the Kingdom of God while in the arms of his wife is not doing the will of God.”  Celebration, love, laughter and distraction can be God’s will too sometimes.

So that’s why there’s no blog post this week.

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