Publisher’s Post: ‘The Second Listening Book’ and James’s ‘Ramblings’ Launched

It was great to celebrate ‘The Second Listening Book‘ launch at Barton Church. James’s books will now be on sale there each Sunday until Christmas, alongside others written by fellow Bartonites. If you can’t make it there to buy copies, get them from the Webbs or the Lewises direct via facebook, the website, or from Amazon, Eden, Waterstones, or from Karl The Wandering Bookseller in Australia.

Reviews very welcome

“What can I say about the 571B Banana Slicer that hasn’t already been said about the wheel, penicillin, or the iPhone?”

Second Listening Book

Yes, as with everything else from fridge-freezers to fruit slicers, your review is most welcome. You can see what people are saying already about both Listening Books on the review tab on the website – we’ve just got a nice one from the Midwest Book Review in the US. If you are able to put a review on Amazon, that would be great – it can be as short as Mrs Toledos, but it should probably mention the book rather than bananas.

‘The Ramblings of The Man who Bought a Pear’

These are James’s Blog posts from October 2015 to October 2016.


When we decided to publish the first year of James’s Blog as a real live holdable book, it was Mrs W who pointed us towards the start of the title.  The rest of it is inspired by the award-winning ‘The Man who Sold me a Pear, which long-term readers would have read a year ago on this blogsite. Thank you David – your comment made it to the front cover along with Mark’s marvellous levitating Forelle pear. This book is being sold in aid of Street Pastors.

The Rest of the Year

This week we are running a ‘Listening Day’ at a local primary school based on a couple of the stories from the first book. James is taking an assembly and then there will be a day of workshops held in the neighbouring church for the junior children (aged 7-11). Get in touch if you think a school you have contact with (primary or secondary) might want to use the resources that we have put together for this.

And then it’s Christmas – and you know, these coffee-table books make great presents….

Thank you for your support this year
from Elsa (Publisher)


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