News from Elsa in Publishing: Second Listening Book out this Autumn

Following Rev Giblet’s illuminating musings on preaching, I thought another Summertime guest post on James’s Blog might work. I’m sure he won’t mind.

The Second Listening Book..

..will be released in October and continues James’s storytelling mission. There will be a whole load more fab tales with gorgeous line drawings from Carys Jenkins, Alice Journeaux and Josh Gauton, as well as lovely photos from Mark Lewis. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, these are rather good coffee table books. This time you notice it’s dark blue, so beverages of all description don’t show up on it. You can even put it on top of the first TLB to cover up any stains. But enough of my house tidying tips – the back blurb sums up what’s inside better than I can.


I enjoy reading James Webb, not just because he is a gifted and imaginative storyteller, but because he provides nourishing soul food for the journeys we all make through the deserts of life.  With his creative imagination he provokes a range of emotions in the reader and I invite you to step inside and be prepared to find something for which your soul has cried out.

David Coffey OBE – Global Ambassador for BMS World Mission

There are very few books I read that can make me laugh and think profoundly at the same time. This book however is one of them. As a child I used to watch Tales of the Unexpected and loved the twists at the end – James’ book easily surpasses them. It is very easy to read and yet worthwhile at the same time as each story contains spiritual truths (which aren’t at all preachy and sometimes not obvious!). ‎This is a book you have to try – you won’t regret it.

Eric Harmer – Pastor of Barton Church, Canterbury and Author of Build-Your-Own Bible Study

Pass it on

If you would like to pass on a foretaste of the joy to a friend, why not send them the free Little Book of Listening eBook. Or point them to James’s Blog – the regular one, that is, but not necessarily the guest postings.

Happy Reading!

Much love from

Elsa Lewis

PS. Get in touch if you’d like a batch of books for your church. I’ll drop them off in time for the launch – especially if you’re in Aus or the US – I’d just love to pop over.

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