Links to Friends

These links are to some of the members of the global ‘moderately sized town’ that have made the Listening Book project come about.

Drop into Andrew Buller’s page and Meet the Rhymers! These lovely children’s books are great to learn about letters, read aloud and enjoy the great illustrations. Andrew has also blazed the way in self publishing and given the publishing team confidence to get this project off the ground

Visit Sophie’s page. Sophie Duffy has just written a fabulous book ‘Bright Stars‘, to go with her other sparkling family saga novels ‘The Generation Game‘ and ‘This Holey Life‘. Her enthusiasm for creativity inspired the publishing team to give it a go. Follow Sophie on Twitter @sophiestenduffy

Searching for a good read in Australia? Visit The Wandering Bookseller great books at great prices. These guys are doing a great job distributing ‘The Listening Book’ down under.

Liz from Red Rocket Associates has inspired and helped the project with overall strategy.

Mark’s lovely photos can be found at his Phanfare site including lots of cute kittens! All photos on this website, unless otherwise specified, are copyright Mark Lewis – he loves people sharing them, but get in touch with him if you want to use them commercially.

Terry Wright’s Sacred Wrightings is a blog site relating to theology, church, and the Christian life, including book reviews.

Thinking of publishing yourself? Check out Joanna Penn’s great website – a myriad of useful pointers.

TimeOut are a Canterbury group creating opportunity to handle life’s challenges and improve circumstances through friendship and support.

Canterbury Christian Schools Worker Trust aims to see every local school pupil develop in spiritual awareness, and have excellent pastoral care, which leads to a positive educational experience and each pupil reaching their full potential.

The Listening Book is on sale at Barton Books at Barton Evangelical Church.

Haywards Heath Baptist Church had James to speak in January 2016. You can hear what he said here.

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