James’s Blog: The Stone & The Seed.

(I had an idea, which became this little poem.  If I was an illustrator of any talent I would probably turn it into a children’s picture book.)


The paving stone,

set hard and set proud,

said, “I can’t be moved

from my home in the ground.”


“Beneath me the earth,

I crush all the life,

no root can take hold

with no hope and no light.”


But a small, humble seed

a challenge did make:

“Heavy you may be,

but you’ve made a mistake.”


The stone laughed out loud

at the tiny thing’s cheek,

“You can’t lift me up!

You’re too small and too weak!”


“It may take some time,”

the seed did reply,

“but I’m not stuck here,

for my goal is the sky!”


The years went on by

while the seed sought a gap,

the stone did not know

of the tiny thing’s trap.


And go visit now,

this is what you will see,

a humbled, broke stone

that’s been split by a tree.

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