About the Author

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Where has James Webb come from?

James has had a variety of interesting learning experiences in his life, some from being a Baptist minister in the UK and then some from being a member of Cornerstone Community, a mission and discipleship community in Australia. He fancies himself as something of a storyteller, and the Listening Books are his first attempts to put some of the things he’s learnt into words. James currently lives in Canterbury with his wife and five (yes, five) children.


‘The Man who Sold me a Pear’ won the 2016 Best Short Story Award, run by the Association of Christian Writers in partnership with Street Pastors.

James wrote ‘A Fine Day for Reaping’ , which won the 2007 XYZZY Best Story Award for a piece of interactive fiction.


Click here for James’s sermon in the Growing Relationships series December 2015 at Barton Church.

Click here for his sermon on Mark 12: 35-44 from 26 February 2017 at Haywards Heath Baptist Church

Click here for his sermon about Ruth – that’s the biblical one rather than his wife.

Click here for his Easter sermon about the two criminals – he had a cold so he sounds extra authoritative.

All the Other Stuff

It recently came to light that James does not breakdance. For many other fascinating facts and frequently asked questions, contact Lioness Writing Ltd <lionesswritingltd@gmail.com> or use the contact form below  for his Media Pack.

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